Friends with a Flood

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Cameron looked out the window. She sighed, then grabbed her umbrella and cup . She opened the door, and saw a flood slowly starting to form. She smiled. Her family was running out of water to wash their clothes with. Jack, Caneron’s little 5 year old brother, ran after her in the rain. “Why are you doing out here?” he asked. Cameron smiled. “You’re supposed to say it like this, ‘What are you doing out here?’ Okay?” Jack’s walk turned to a stop, trying to concentrate as hard as he could. “What is you doing out here?” he asked again, when he finally came up with what he thought was the right grammar to use. Cameron rolled her eyes. “I’m getting new washing water from my friend, the flood,” She replied. “The flood are your friend?” Jack asked, confused. Cameron laughed at Jack’s use of grammar. “Yes, the flood is my friend. And it gives me new water to wash our clothes with,” Cameron said. She walked up where the flood was forming, and filled the cup up with flood water. “What are the washing water’s name?” he asked. Cameron thought about it, and then replied, “Tide detergent.”

Good for my first story, ay? Not all my stories will be about Cameron and Jack, but I’ll write about them another time. Hope you liked it! Thanks for reading!


First Post

Hello! I FINALLY came up with a name, Wandering Wonders, so, yeah. In this blog I’m planning to tell stories, and maybe even stories about me, tell ya a little about myself, you know. I’m looking forward to share my thoughts and stories with you. I usually write in humor, but I also do scary, drama, fantasy, and other genres. So stay tuned! I’ll be back soon with a story.

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Wandering Wonders